Harald Schmidt jokes about gas shortage and blames the media

No one is afraid of winter, Harald Schmidt is sure of that. The former animator sees the problem rather in the media. Despite inflation and gasoline shortages, Harald Schmidt does not believe that many people are afraid of the coming winter. “We say we’re scared,” said the former late-night talker in an interview with the German Press Agency in Cologne. But that’s not the case at all. Most people would have the following attitude: “Well, we’ll wait and see. I’ll just slow down a bit. Compared to other countries, we’re still doing well.” Schmidt sees the problem elsewhere. The 64-year-old said it was the media that made the buzz about it and at times gave the impression that the whole of Germany was on the verge of collapse. We don’t know exactly what it’s based on. After all, it is not only the media, but also the federal government and the EU that deal intensively with the issue of energy security. In addition to politics, it is also the consumer centers that have repeatedly involved themselves in the gas supply in recent weeks – certainly with a worried expression.

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