GZSZ: The actor exits

For GZSZ fans, it’s time to say goodbye. A character leaves the Kollekiez. In Friday’s episode, it sparkles for the last time on the screens, the cast of “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” is reduced. Friday, fans of the popular evening series must say goodbye to a character: Noah Sander. The time is therefore over for the actor of NoĆ© Zeyin Aly in the format. In an interview with RTL, he recalls his last day on the set. “After I was filmed, the whole crew came together and I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The whole crew gave me a big wave goodbye.” It was a very moving and beautiful moment for him. “Indescribably beautiful”. In general, he has good memories of his involvement in production. “My time at GZSZ was indescribably beautiful. It’s how I always imagined it and I was not disappointed. I was welcomed with open arms and had a lot of fun”, draws an always positive balance sheet. “I can now go back on stage and play a few pieces, I can’t wait!” he reveals in an interview. Warning, spoilers! The character of Zeyin Aly comes to know and love Sunny Richter at the Kollekiez. But there is a crisis between them. He receives a job offer as chief medical officer in Chicago. But what about their relationship? In Friday’s episode, Noah wants to clear things up and ask Sunny how strong her feelings for him are. Jo Gerner’s granddaughter, who didn’t know exactly what she wanted before, confesses: she loves him 75% – which just isn’t enough for Noah. The couple separates, Noah accepts the job offer and leaves Berlin. Could Noah’s departure mean a happy ending for Sunny and her ex Philipp? This is what Zeyin Aly says: “I think that since Noah is now taking on a new challenge and leaving Berlin, Sunny and Philip can settle their emotional world in peace and see where it takes them.”

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