Günther Jauch gathers his audience

This candidate left Günther Jauch speechless. Despite intensive support, the penny did not want to fall for a girl from Gelsenkirchen. Happy to help. Especially with the rather low profit levels, the moderator lends a helping hand. He had to help Ute Schindler several times with a question. Despite lots of advice from the 66-year-old, she just didn’t want to find the solution. Jauch didn’t know what to do either… candidate Ute Schindler from Gelsenkirchen. (Source: RTL+) At the famous 500 euro mark, the question was: “Who doesn’t aim for what their name suggests, but for example handbags and mobile phones?” The choices were “Car Thief”, “Pocket Thief”, “Poacher”, and “Jewel Thief”. The “pickpocket” who cares about the contents of a bag and usually not the purse itself was right.

“It’s going to be difficult for me”

The Ruhrpottlerin was at first speechless at this question. Appearance Jauch: “They are in Gelsenkirchen with their car. I am a car thief. What do I want to steal from them then?” Schindler’s response: “I suppose, my bag.” Announces Jauch: “It will be difficult for me.”

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