“GNTM” wants to silence Kaggwa

In a statement from ProSieben, it is written: “On July 4, the Hamburg Regional Court issued an interim decision against Mrs. Kaggwa, which fortunately already bars Mrs. Kaggwa from several of her false allegations. We are currently retrying the court on Of course, we firmly hold that we are also entitled to an injunction against these statements as they are untrue to the extent we have pointed out,” GNTM spokeswoman Tina Land said. model would have been in the final with Sarah P., Maureen and Jacqueline, but it came out of advance voluntarily.(Source: IMAGO / Eventpress) The claimant – in the GNTM case – filed a complaint immediately after the verdict, t-online also obtains confirmation from the district court. These are the points on which the restraining order was rejected. In other words: the prohibition of sugary foods and the prescribed gestures. However, the court of district did not accede to this request. The case is now before the Higher Regional Court, whose decision is still pending. Kaggwa isn’t surprised the business isn’t stopping. “But the good thing is that GNTM has a lot more to lose than me – so I’m very confident about the next process,” says the model. But even if the dispute with GNTM is not yet resolved: the image of Germany’s most famous casting show is in danger. “I think with this verdict, GNTM just can’t carry on like before, that’s why they can’t stop chasing me, even though I’ve already won,” Kaggwa is confident in her case.

“Is it maybe a matter of media attention?”

His ambition seems to know no bounds. Kaggwa is certain that her revelations could mean “the end of the show and of Heidi Klum”. But that’s not his goal at all. Rather, it is to educate viewers and future model candidates. “GNTM should just stop exploiting young people, flaunting them and ruining them mentally.” Lijana also suffered from mental issues after participating, she even battled suicidal thoughts. t-online confronted GNTM with these statements. “Lijana Kaggwa was taken care of by a psychologist during her participation in #GNTM. What is discussed there was and is confidential. But if the psychologist gave the production team the indication that a candidate was absent she was no longer there for health reasons, she would be removed from the competition,” says ProSieben broadcaster Christoph Körfer. Sayana Ranjan, Heidi Klum and Simone Kowalski: final. (Source: IMAGO / Future Image)Loading…Loading…Loading…

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