Giulia Siegel likes to kiss women

But there was no sign of jealousy in this couple, officially together since 2016. Giulia continues: “Then he also writes to the girls on Instagram. He can also meet them. I have no problem with that.” However, the two wouldn’t have an open relationship, as she explained when asked by Boschmann. Nevertheless: Giulia is not a child of sadness either. Lip service: “It’s not like I wouldn’t kiss a girl or something… But I’m not bisexual, but I like to kiss.” Apparently that’s no problem for their Ludwig either, Lou and Lisha have different customs. Lou turns out to be jealous, doesn’t want his partner texting others. “He would no longer have an echo because he would no longer be alive. He can write to me! And with precisely that determination, Lou and Lisha were able to prevail against open-hearted couple Giulia and Ludwig in the final. They wanted to donate the proceeds to animal welfare.

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