German banks report modest profits

In international comparison, German banks are far behind in terms of revenue per customer. The balance sheet for 2021 is still positive. Bankers in Germany carry out a tedious business: in international comparison, private German banks only make very modest profits. Both in Austria and in Switzerland especially, the banks are much more profitable. This is the result of an analysis of the European banking sector published on Wednesday in Munich by the consultancy firm Strategy&: last year, the average private bank in Germany only made a profit of 180 euros per client. It was 8 euros more than in 2020, but only tenth place out of twelve countries and regions of the world compared. Only the banks of Great Britain and the United States had an even more difficult period.

Loans and deposits developed positively

In contrast, Swiss financial institutions – taking advantage of the exchange rate – were in first place with a profit of 528 euros per customer, while Austrian banks were still in sixth place in the middle with 234 euros. The consultancy, which is owned by auditing firm PwC, analyzed the results of around 50 private client banks and banking groups in Europe, North America and Australia with a total of 690 million clients. study, 2021 has been a good year overall for the international banking industry, with sales increasing by four percent on average. 70% increased their operating results. Customers brought a lot of money to the banks: deposits increased by 7%. Lending activity increased almost as strongly with a plus of 6%. Both of these trends could already be observed in Germany in previous years.

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