Gazprom invokes force majeure for gas supply

According to Gazprom, special circumstances have prevented gas supplies since last week. Uniper denied the claim. The Russian gas giant Gazprom invokes force majeure for the reduction of gas deliveries to its German customer Uniper. Uniper has received a letter from Gazprom Export “in which the company retrospectively invokes force majeure for past and current shortages of gas deliveries”, the Düsseldorf-based group said on Monday. Uniper considers that this is not justified and has formally rejected Gazprom’s request. claim. Companies can try to protect themselves against legal claims by customers for liability under supply contracts by referring to force majeure According to a letter, Gazprom had a force majeure emergency to its gas supply of Europe explained. Due to special circumstances, Gazprom cannot fulfill its delivery obligations from June 14, according to the July 14 letter available to Reuters.

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