Fritz Roth (✝67): the star of “Polizeiruf 110” has died

For eleven years he was considered the official Wolfgang Neumann in the “Polizeiruf 110”. Actor Fritz Roth has died aged 67. In 2009, Fritz Roth flashed on the screens for the first time with the “Police call 110”. At this time, the actor took on the role of clerk alongside Jens Hinrichs (played by Uwe Steimle) and Markus Tellheim (Felix Eitner). Only two years later, the then 56-year-old Fritz Roth secured a permanent place in the Brandenburg team. Officer Wolfgang Neumann. The episode aired on June 26, 2011 and drew over eight million people to screens. Twenty more “Polizeiruf” episodes followed. First in Brandenburg with Horst Krause and Maria Simon, then in Świecko with Simon and Lucas Gregorowicz and finally with Gregorowicz and André Kaczmarczy. The final episode, featuring Fritz Roth in his well-known role, aired earlier this year. On January 30, ARD showed “Hilde’s Legacy”.

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