Frankfurt airport boss expects a difficult summer: “Insufficient staff”

The holiday season has begun and airports are not prepared for it. They will also be under pressure in the coming weeks. Frankfurt Airport (Fraport) boss Stefan Schulte also expects problems at German airports in the coming weeks. “The summer will remain difficult,” Schulte of the “Mannheimer Morgen” newspaper said according to the preliminary report. It was underestimated how much people had to catch up if they wanted to travel again. “We knew it would be a good year and factored that into our planning. But all forecasts have clearly been exceeded and many more people are flying than expected. Airports and airlines are understaffed at all times. levels for it.”

War also has an impact

In addition, there are restrictions in the airspace in Eastern Europe due to the war and in France, where there are currently new software records in air traffic control. “Every event shakes the already fragile global system and triggers further delays,” said Schulte, who is also president of airport association ADV. “All our measures are aimed at stabilizing the system, avoiding chaos and improving punctuality in the future. There are more and more people being hired all over aviation as in many other industries. ” We must not forget: “We are emerging from the biggest aviation crisis in decades.”

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