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  • Hanging with Kylie

    By BIANCA LOPEZ Tossing a piece of rope over a tree in Plant Park, Kylie Lowell, a junior digital arts major at the University of Tampa, laughed at what she called her recent lack of strength. It had [...]
  • Chainsmokers take Tampa

    By BIANCA LOPEZ Last Friday night, if you weren’t at this concert, you definitely knew at least one person who was. The Chainsmokers — the phenomenon that made waves in EDM and pop last [...]
  • UT Alumni Create Sustainable Fish Tank

    By LIZ MACLEAN Djimo Serodio, ‘15, is putting his entrepreneurship degree to good use by starting his own company, Just Grow. Along with the company’s chief operating officer, Bekah Vigil, [...]

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UT Theatre brings you Beehive the Musical !

by Minaret Staff in A&E

A huge thanks to Beehive Marissa Ann and choreographer Paul Finocchiaro for sitting down with multimedia director Regina Gonzalez and giving us a little sneak preview of what Beehive the [...]