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  • Wavy eyebrows: The newest trend in makeup

    By ALEXANDRA TIRADO “They make it look as if there were snakes on their foreheads,” said Maria Saldarriaga, a junior business major. Steve Ambrosino, a senior business major, agrees. “I don’t [...]
  • No Picture

    Outlined in black: The cartoon craze

    By JACOB TRASK We find ourselves in the golden age of television in 2017. Streaming services are quickly dominating the industry, providing viewers with some of the best dramatic series ever created, [...]
  • Blade Runner 2049 fails to excite

    By IVY VELAZQUEZ When it comes to major movies these days, remakes or long-awaited sequels of older films has become the norm. And this trend shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, one of [...]
  • Dirty move: EPA repeals Clean Power Plan

    By CLAUDIA GUERRERO Islands in the Caribbean along with Florida and Texas get slammed by multiple catastrophic hurricanes. Wild fires spread across Western United States. Two earthquakes kill [...]

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De Alfredo looks to build her UT legacy

by Minaret Staff in Spotlight

By Simon Brady There’s an old saying that goes “When the door closes, a window opens.” This directly applies to brand new graduate assistant for UT’s women’s basketball squad, [...]