“Farmer is looking for a wife”: an ex-candidate unpacks

Fear of “losing face”

The woman who moved was Lena, who was also at the barn festival. With her, he also became closer. At the end of the hearing week, he was supposed to say goodbye to her. According to Linneboden, the director’s idea: He should give her sheep’s earrings, Linneboden’s sister should have them”, refused [aber] Thank God and dissuaded the director from this crazy idea”. Linneboden is certain of this: “They deliberately wanted to put me in a stupid role.” According to him, the public would then “rightly ask why I gave such earrings to an adult woman”. He also reports another situation that made him appear “like a fool”: the director intentionally set the toaster to the highest level, so that Linneboden served the contestant toasts that were “completely black”. Linneboden also speaks about the interviews that participants must give on the evening of each day of filming. “I always had to wear the same shirt so that my answers could be changed according to my mood. That’s exactly what happened. “Sometimes on Mondays I’d sit in front of the TV and know full well that I didn’t mean it that way and that I didn’t say it on the subject either.” also wanted to arouse “how negative silences” on his part, but that was what it was deliberately not received. During the show, he was afraid of “losing face”, says Linneboden. Besides, when they saw each other again, it was already over between Linneboden and Lena. She dated another farmer and is now married to him. “Bauer sucht Frau” therefore did not have a happy ending for Dirk. For him, it’s clear: “I choose my tractors or my sheep on photos, but not a woman – I want to see her in person. Watching the RTL broadcast, he specifies: “I had this experience, but it was of no use to me – so: once and never again!

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