Fans surprised by revealing appearance in ‘TV Garden’

Andrea Kiewel hosted the Spanish artist Viviana Rossi in the “ZDF television garden”. This left the audience wide-eyed and surprised.

“We’re taking a very short emotional break from rock”

After about 70 minutes, the show hostess announced a Spanish acrobat. “We’re taking a very short, emotional break from rock and enjoying Viviana Rossi,” Andrea Kiewel said before the camera pans to a bathtub. There, the artist sat, lay to The Weeknd’s “High For This” and presented the Strapaten with a sultry, yet daredevil act. She was dressed in nothing but fishnet tights, expertly cut underwear and a baggy shirt. Comments quickly piled up online. Some viewers were surprised by the performance. “The artist is quite revealing for the ‘TV garden'”, for example commented a user on Twitter. “Not that Grandpa and Grandma fall off the chair,” another joked.

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