Evelyn Burdecki hides her boobs: ‘not like silicone pugs’

Nevertheless, Burdecki, who is currently looking for a partner for the Sat.1 show “Popf sucht Burdecki”, can now claim to be “more confident”. Because: “Before, it was much more difficult for me to undress.”

“It’s Not That Easy Naked”

But it is not completely excluded for Burdecki that her boyfriend sees her breasts. For him, a sign that she is “really serious” about him. “So far, however, they remain hidden. And believe me, hiding THE bare breasts is not that easy!” We will see this Sunday if Evelyn Burdecki will find a partner on “Pot sucht Burdecki”. The reality TV contestant rose to fame through “The Bachelor” in 2017, the same year she was part of “Celebrity Big Brother.” This was followed by appearances in other television formats, such as “Bachelor in Paradise” in 2018. After the dome show format, she was in a relationship for a few months with Domenico de Cicco, whom she met there -down. A year later, she won the jungle camp and has been an integral part of the German trash TV landscape ever since.

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