EU and Azerbaijan conclude gas deal

In the search for alternatives to Russian gas, the EU has found a new partner. Azerbaijan is expected to supply more in the coming years. In order to free itself from Russia’s energy supply, the EU wants to buy much more gas from the Republic of Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus in the future. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a declaration of intent in Baku on Monday that twice as much gas a year as before should be delivered through the Southern Gas Corridor within five year. At least 20 billion cubic meters are expected to flow annually from 2027. Von der Leyen said in the Azerbaijani capital that the declaration of intent would open “a new chapter of energy cooperation” with Azerbaijan. The authoritarian former Soviet republic, which also has close ties to Russia, is a key partner in moving away from fossil fuels in Russia. 8.1 billion cubic meters are already delivered annually, and from next year it should be 12 billion. “This will help offset cuts in Russian gas supplies.”

Cooperation also for renewable energies

Aliyev stressed that energy security issues are now more important than ever. “Of course, a long-term, predictable and very reliable energy cooperation between the EU and Azerbaijan is of great value.” Azerbaijan has “enormous potential” in this area, von der Leyen said, especially in offshore wind power and green hydrogen. In this way, Azerbaijan will transform from a supplier of fossil fuels to a partner for renewable energies. In order to deepen economic cooperation, the two sides are also working on an agreement which is expected to be concluded soon.

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