Duchess Meghan faces heavy criticism

But reactions to the podcast are mixed. “The Times” writer James Marriott calls it “a tasteful parade of small talk, absurdity, and self-aggrandizing California platitudes.” “With all the scratchy music and boring conversations (…) it feels like being locked in the relaxation room of a wellness spa with an unusually narcissistic yoga teacher,” he explains. he. In the same UK publication, critic Hilary Rose called the content “pure, narcissistic babble.” The London newspaper The Spectator also criticized him. “The first guest is Serena Williams, but tennis fans tuning in might be a little disappointed. The show is really all about Meghan as it takes Serena 11 minutes to even get a word out. It’s hard to believe that 28 people , including eight executive producers, participated in the production of this episode.

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