Do you know the calories?

In order to be successful on a diet, you must consume fewer calories than you expend. Do you know how much it contains?Loading…Embed

If you eat more, you need to move more

Many people have a hard time going without fatty foods like chocolate or the occasional Mett roll. But if you exercise enough, you don’t need to have a guilty conscience if you sin from time to time. Endurance sports are particularly suitable because they consume the most kilocalories (kcal), a 70 kilo jogger burns around 350 kcal in half an hour at a moderate pace. If you find it too strenuous, walking is a good idea. It is gentle on the joints because, unlike running, there is no take-off phase… A variant is Nordic walking, dynamic walking with poles, similar to cross-country skiing. Compared to classic walking, almost twice as many kilocalories are consumed here: with Nordic walking the body burns around 340 kcal in half an hour, with walking only 193 kcal.

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