Dieter Bohlen comments on the DSDS dispute with Shirin David

Bohlen now comments on all of this in an Instagram video: “Number one: yes, I wanted Shirin on the jury. Number two: when I noticed the contract negotiations on the sidelines, I said, it just doesn’t make sense. The musician explains that RTL “really tried everything” to “get there”, but that they “just didn’t agree”. But he specifies: “Nobody gave anyone a basket.” Finally, Bohlen refers to the fact that David, who was part of the DSDS jury in 2017, published a private conversation with him: “Even as an ice princess, you have no right to do that, you don’t something like that, I wouldn’t do something like that.” The singer takes it easy and finally responds to David’s request for more diversity in DSDS – more or less: “I may not have anything different for you, but I have something controversial. And this will be the fourth judge, which I will announce soon.” The pop titan ends his video post with a cliff hanger.

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