Czech pop singer Hana Zagorova († 75) has died

Mourning for Hana Zagorová: The Czech musician, who also recorded several titles in German, died today at the age of 75. Czech pop singer Hana Zagorová has died, her record label Supraphon announced in Prague on Friday. A cause of death or an exact date were not given. With more than ten million records sold, Zagorová is one of the most popular artists in her country and during her career she sang almost 900 songs. Between 1977 and 1985, she won the People’s Choice Award “Golden Nightingale” nine times in a row. She appeared on the East German show “Ein Kessel Buntes” and recorded several songs in German, including “Love Takes Love Gives”. Zagorová, who would have turned 76 the following week, was among those artists who signed the so-called Anticharta in 1977. It was a backlash to Charta 77, the civil rights movement in what was then Czechoslovakia around the playwright Václav Havel. In 1989, the year of reunification, she signed the petition for democracy “A few words”. The successful musician was born on September 6, 1946 in what is now Ostrava (Moravian-Ostrau). She is survived by her husband, Slovak opera singer Štefan Margita, with whom she released a joint album with the translated title “Finally Together” two years ago.

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