Coffee filter: you can always do it with filter bags

1. Prepare loose tea

Coffee filters can be filled not only with ground coffee, but also with loose tea. Then place it in a teapot to infuse it. To prevent the filter from slipping in the container, you can bend it over the edge of the jug and secure it with the lid. Another possibility is to close the filter bag with a drawstring and hang it in the pot.

2. Decant the sugar

A coffee filter can also be used as a funnel. For example, if you want to transfer flour or sugar from their packaging into a narrow-mouthed container. To do this, simply cut out a small part of the base of the filter. Then place the filter in the container, hold it and pour the food over it.

3. Filter the cork pieces from the wine

The wine is uncorked and poured into a carafe and you can see many small pieces of cork floating in the drink. This can happen when the wine has been stored upright and the cork has dried out. Or if you screwed the corkscrew in too deep. Instead of laboriously collecting the pieces with a spoon, you can also reach for the filter bag in such a case. Simply pour the wine into another container. If necessary, use a funnel. Since the filter is lint-free, there is no more contamination.

4. Prepare a creamy tomato sauce

The bag can also prove to be a real help when preparing tomato sauce or tzatziki. If, for example, pizza dough is spread with tomato passata, the mass is usually too liquid – the dough is often not crispy. If you put the tomato sauce in a coffee filter and let it drain well, a spreadable cream remains. However, this requires a little patience. The same process is also suitable for the preparation of tzatziki: if you filter the yogurt beforehand through the coffee filter, it will be particularly creamy.

5. Replace the rag and dishcloth

The filter bags are quite tear-resistant. This makes them well suited as quick cleaning aids, for example when all the cloths are washed. Lightly moistened, the filters remove toothpaste splatter from the bathroom mirror, dust and light soiling from smooth surfaces or mosquito grime from the window. You can then wipe the surfaces with a dry filter without leaving streaks.

6. Mattify the face

Thanks to their absorbency, coffee filters can also be used as a substitute for face powder. Just cut them into pieces and gently press them on the face if necessary. They absorb moisture and mattify shiny areas of the face. And best of all: the filter bags hardly take up any space in your handbag.

7. Use as a herb bag for a clear broth

If you want to make a clear soup that tastes like herbs, but don’t want them swimming in the dish, you can simply use the filter bag as an herb bag. To do this, the desired spices are poured into the filter and closed with a cord. Then hang the bag in the broth. You can also easily infuse coarser spices such as bay leaves, thyme sprigs or peppermint leaves without having to take them out of the dish later. But be careful: it is better not to stir the soup during this time. If the wooden spoon presses too hard on the paper, it may tear.

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