Claudia Obert is shown smooching with a 24-year-old boyfriend on vacation

Claudia Obert and her new boyfriend Max are currently resting in Mallorca. Today, the sexagenarian is photographed there in an intimate pose. Max has been the new man in Claudia Obert’s life for a few weeks. The romance between the two began in June, and now the couple have started their first vacation together. They first went to Ibiza, then to Mallorca, where the 60-year-old took the 36-year-old web designer into her world. As seen in various Instagram Stories, they spent Thursday night surrounded by plenty of stars and starlets at a birthday bash. Among those present were singer Marc Terenzi, actress Mariella Ahrens and TV celebrity Danni Büchner.

Claudia Obert shows new photo of fucking with Max

Apparently, Obert also manages to enjoy some bonding time with her new boyfriend. This shows photos she shared on her Instagram account on Saturday. “For us the sun always shines, not only in Mallorca”, writes Obert and presents himself, among other things, kissing or arm in arm with his partner.

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