Cathy Hummels delights fans with a special photo

His words that Clooney is his “new friend,” Hummels says, no doubt jokingly. It’s not for nothing that she endowed this sentence with several meaningful emojis. For example, a monkey covering its eyes. In the sequel to , post, the “Battle of Reality Stars” host goes on to explain how the encounter happened. Both were at dinner at a watch factory at an altitude of 2,500 meters: “Thank you Omega for this wonderful weekend.”

“I get jealous”

And not only is Cathy Hummels impressed, her followers are too. Actor Timur Bartels writes: “Ohaaaaa, I’m getting jealous.” He jokingly adds, “He should leave you alone.” Influencer Sophia Thiel simply writes: “Krass” and puts her heart into it. And jungle queen Evelyn Burdecki leaves an emoji with heart-shaped eyes and a flame. Another user writes: “Oh wow, everyone is jealous”. And another: “I would also like to meet him. Then someone else says, “What a big, handsome man. And you look gorgeous next to him.”

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