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Franz Ferdinand: Freaks of Music

February 25, 2009

What do you get when you combine rock beats, electronic Euro-pop and the name of an archduke?

If you guessed Franz Ferdinand, you know your stuff. I'm not sure whether it's the keyboards or high-powered electric guitars but no matter where I am, if any one of their songs come on, I can't help myself from dancing to the point of borderline public humiliation. Typically I describe music as morning music, driving music or even gym music, but the best description I have for Franz Ferdinand's style is simply 'unique music.'

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Music of the Week: The Bird and the Bee

January 28, 2009

On Jan. 27 the indie California pop group the Bird and the Bee released their latest album 'Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future.'

Bringing back an updated version of their renowned pop and techno vibe, you'll probably wear out your boom box just listening to all the edgy and intriguing sounds.

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