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Get the Gossip: Ray LaMontagne Looks to Break Through

April 29, 2009

' Whether you've caught one of his songs on the radio or saw him last month on Saturday Night Live, Ray LaMontagne is leaving a permanent impression on music lovers, despite his timid demeanor.

Like most singer-songwriters, his sound is distinctive, raw, and exposed, yet he manages to separate himself by emotionally linking themes of rebirth and destruction into his work.


Third Time

April 15, 2009

' When we hear music, we often visualize memories in our heads and associate sounds with experiences we've once heard in the background of our lives.

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Cutie Takes the Cab for One More Ride

April 1, 2009

If there were one band that I constantly refer back to when skimming through my music library, Death Cab for Cutie would be it. After hearing the song, 'A Lack of Color,' back in 2004, I finally thought I found a band that understood exactly what I was feeling through song.

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Franz Ferdinand: Freaks of Music

February 25, 2009

What do you get when you combine rock beats, electronic Euro-pop and the name of an archduke?

If you guessed Franz Ferdinand, you know your stuff. I'm not sure whether it's the keyboards or high-powered electric guitars but no matter where I am, if any one of their songs come on, I can't help myself from dancing to the point of borderline public humiliation. Typically I describe music as morning music, driving music or even gym music, but the best description I have for Franz Ferdinand's style is simply 'unique music.'

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