Camille Lellouche pregnant, gains 10 kilo weight

Pregnant with her first child, Camille Lellouche had fun with her round belly. The comedian, who revealed that he had gained 10 kilos, showed self-mockery on Instagram.

His last vacation without children. In a few months, in fact, Camille Lellouche will become a mother for the very first time . Pregnant, therefore, the young woman has obviously not lost her sense of humor and she shows it well on social networks. Since the start of her pregnancy, in fact, Camille Lellouche has not hesitated to show self-mockery in hilarious videos that are very popular with Internet users. Proof once again with the one she posted on Instagram this Saturday, July 16. We thus discover her installed in a boat, dressed in a multicolored one-piece swimsuit that emphasizes her round belly, eating a dessert… while glancing at the flawless buttocks of a friend installed at her sides.“A real kiff to be pregnant in the summer …” , joked the future mother in legend.

As a reminder, Camille Lellouche announced that she was pregnant with her first child on May 17. “I’m so happy to tell you that, I want to cry, it’s the hormones! Damn, I’m so happy! I wanted to tell you too much, with the summer, I couldn’t see myself wearing sweaters over! I’m so happy, thank you for always being there. It’s a little girl, here I say it! I have nothing to hide from you, at least for that “, she revealed, in tears, in stories. And since this beautiful announcement, the 36-year-old comedian never misses an opportunity to confide in her pregnancy … and its disadvantages .”Flappy legs, heavy legs, cellulite, varicose veins, pimples on the back, corolla pimples around the mouth, nausea, vomiting, impossible to sleep! It’s been five months, I gained 10 kilos” , joked Camille Lellouche he a few days ago.

“No, without lying, it’s unbelievable but it’s true that you lie too much! Everyone! It’s not a very good moment. The good moment is when I’m going to give birth, when I’m going to see my baby, the love of my life. This is the beautiful moment” , she rejoiced despite everything. If Camille Lellouche willingly exposes her forms as a pregnant woman on social networks, she remains very mysterious about her sentimental status . Obviously in a relationship, as she has hinted on several occasions, the comedian prefers to keep the identity of his darling secret. And prefers to live these nine months with humor and song.”Today is my first Mother’s Day. I’m super happy and I have a little song to celebrate. I piss myself / When I laugh, I sneeze and I cough / I piss myself on it / For my first Mother’s Day / It’s really great / I’m pissing myself / While the baby has not even arrived , ” she wrote for Mother’s Day. Only a few more months to go!

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