Blake Lively shares rare bikini photo – and wows fans

“I have never felt so good in my body”

Since the birth of her children, Blake Lively feels better than ever in her skin, the actress recently revealed in an interview with “Forbes” magazine. “I’ve never felt more comfortable in my body, or more confident – which isn’t to say I don’t have a million insecurities that plague me every day, but I feel incredibly balanced” , she explained. -old has three daughters: James, seven, Inez, two years younger, and Betty, two. The girls’ father is Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds. The actress has been married to him for ten years. Her husband, as usual jokingly, commented: “Wrexham is the Ibiza of Wales.” The actor is referring to Welsh club Wrexham AFC, which he bought with Rob McElhenney at the end of 2020. He first had to convince his wife of the project, and she was reportedly unenthusiastic at first. However, he revealed in a recent interview that she is now “more obsessed” with Wrexham than he is. “She’s already looking at the game schedule for the whole year and wondering what games she can go to, it’s just awesome,” Reynolds said. “Entertainment Tonight”.

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