Becky and James Biddulph surprise baby shower guests with baby

Becky and her husband James Biddulph surprised their baby shower guests when they arrived holding their newborn son Henley, who was born four days before the event.

Baby showers have been all the rage in recent years. Often eventful, they are above all an opportunity for future parents to meet up with their loved ones before the birth of their child.

And if a baby shower always includes its share of surprises such as the reveal of the gender of the baby, in the case of Becky and James Biddulph, it especially left their guests in disbelief when the couple arrived with an unexpected surprise.

Doll or baby?

When Becky and James walked into the garden where the baby shower was being held for the birth of their son on Sunday, June 26, 2022, guests gasped. In her arms, Becky held what, at first glance, her relatives took for a doll. In a video shot by her friend Leanne Rowley, the couple are greeted by the cries of diners who think, excited, that Becky has come with a doll. However, this doll is none other than their newborn, little Henley, born by surprise four days before the event.

A perfect presentation

Posted on the TikTok social network, the video, which has accumulated more than 680,000 views, then reveals the guests rushing to greet little Henley, both surprised and moved, with multiple “ Oh my God! “. Born two weeks early , the new parents thought this baby shower would be a perfect way to introduce their son ” Henley being born so close to my baby shower, I just thought it would be the most perfect way to introduce him to everyone ,” Becky commented, adding “ It was kind of funny seeing everyone’s disbelieving faces, thinking I was holding a doll . Once everyone understood, it was great! “. Becky and James are not their first family surprise “ Curiously, we did the same thing for our wedding – we ended up having a marriage in confinement and we did not say it until the day before ” explained she, concluding “ The whole day has been magical. I loved every second and I wouldn’t have changed a thing .”

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