Archie narrowly escaped a fire

“There was no smoke detector”

“The heating in the children’s room caught fire. There was no smoke detector. Someone accidentally smelled smoke in the hallway and entered,” reports the mother of two, returning to the situation and explaining, “He should be sleeping there.” was “shocked” and had “shaken”. “Everyone was in tears,” she admits to Williams. Then there were discussions about how to proceed. Meghan describes how, as a caring mother, she felt unable to leave her son alone to attend the next appointment. But she had to. “I want to create an awareness of the human moments behind the scenes,” the royal said and continued, “We should give ourselves a break.” Because we didn’t give him that at the time: “We had to leave our baby behind.” Harry and Meghan have lived in California with their son Archie and one-year-old Lilibet for more than two years and have stepped down from their royal duties. The relationship with Harry’s family is considered heavily loaded.

“We’re going to tear the drawers out”

The release of his first podcast was therefore highly anticipated. A good year and a half after signing a multi-million contract with the Spotify streaming platform, it is now online. In the sequel to the episode “Archetypes”, Meghan talks to her friend Serena Williams about the stereotypes and prejudices that inhibit women and keep them small. “Over the next twelve episodes, we’ll be tearing apart categories that women have cataloged for generations – categories like diva, crazy, B-word or slut,” Meghan explains in the episode released on Tuesday. these words – these Labels – they are hard, they are rough. And I want to get to the bottom of them, where they came from, why they’ve been around for so long, and most importantly, how we can get after them.” “B-word” stands for “bitch,” an offensive term for Meghan and Harry’s production company Archewell Audio had already signed a deal with Spotify in late 2020. Apart from a special episode around Christmas 2020, however, no episodes of the California-based couple appeared until here.

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