Andrea Kiewel explains her sex scandal

Andrea Kiewel said in the “ZDF TV Garden” that she had to change. But now the presenter is stepping back. The word alone generally provokes heated anger. Some recognize the meaning of the small gap between, for example, “student” and “inside” to address all genders. Others have big problems with it and see it as language alienation. In the “ZDF TV Garden”, Andrea Kiewel made headlines with a side note on the genre. “I have to do this,” she said on the live broadcast. How she really positions herself on the gender debate, she now explains to the newspaper “Bild”. But what happened? When presenting a performance, “Kiwi” actually only wanted to draw attention to the many talents of the German music scene, the latter underlined the two syllables in “Singer- und SongwriterINNEN”. However, she emphasized the short pause and “-inside” so theatrically that the audience reacted. “Don’t make a face. I have to do it,” the host then explained.

“I want it. I don’t have to”

Now she is explaining her sentence, which sparked heated discussions on Twitter. “Nobody, not ZDF and nobody else tells me that I have to change,” says the 57-year-old. “I’ve been using the masculine and feminine plural for a long time because I really want to and it’s important to me. It’s close to my heart.” However, she can understand that her “I must” did not impose itself. as I want”. . “Sometimes it can happen that in a two-hour live broadcast, not all the words fit perfectly. But that’s the way it is. I want it. I don’t have to. […] I am like this. A woman who cares on the inside.” At the same time, Kiewel stresses that everyone should handle gender “as he or she thinks is right.” What’s particularly explosive about the discussion is that the star of ZDF uses an English word “Singer- and songwriter” is linguistically neutral since there are no masculine or feminine forms of “singer” or “(song)writer” in English.

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