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Welcome to The Minaret, University of Tampa’s student news source since 1933.

The Minaret is committed to actively covering pertinent issues and all aspects of student life. If you’re interested in contributing in any way, whether it be through writing, photography, multimedia, or graphic design, please contact, or our official e-mail:

Mission Statement

The mission of The Minaret, The University of Tampa’s student newspaper, is to promote accurate, thoroughly reported, high-quality, unbiased, and thought-provoking content. The Minaret aims to be recognized as The University of Tampa’s leading and most trusted news source. Members of The Minaret will strive to publish student-produced content, including but not limited to articles, photographs, graphics and artwork. Published work should center on matters that affect the lives of members of The University of Tampa community. The Minaret is committed to educating and establishing ethical and successful student journalists and encouraging professionalism in all facets of the newspaper process.

Control and Funding of The Minaret

The Minaret is an independent, student-run newspaper at The University of Tampa. The newspaper and website are financed by student fees at The University of Tampa, along with a small, additional portion of revenue coming from advertising. As a student organization, The Minaret is required to seek funding from the university’s student government every academic year. The University of Tampa collects the fees and disburses them according to the student government’s budgeting. The university does not, however, have any control over how the funds are allocated. That is a student government decision.

The Editor-in-Chief of The Minaret submits the budget request and defends the budget request, if requested, before the Student Government Executive Committee. The SG Executive Committee submits the proposed budget to the Student Government Finance Committee of the Student General Assembly, and then the final budget proposal is voted on by the student senate. All of the budget approval is done by student representatives. University administrators do not have a role in the approval process other than helping coordinate the submission of proposed budgets.

Despite being funded by student fees collected by the university, The Minaret student editors make all content and editing decisions. As The University of Tampa Student Media Committee Bylaws state, “Student media are free from censorship. Their editors and managers are free to develop their own editorial and business policies, within the guidelines of established media, journalistic, and literary ethical guidelines, and these editors take full responsibility for their actions and decisions. Freedom of the press, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, is not blocked or interfered with by The University of Tampa nor any of its trustees, administrators, students, faculty or staff.”

2019-20 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Sydney Rhodes

Design Editor: Demi Manglona

Business Manager: Lindsey Marzo

News & Features: Mallory Culhane

Arts & Entertainment: Cassie Gaudes

Opinion: Lauren Wong

Sports: Reese Williams

Multimedia: Baylor Talcott

Photography: Preston Wimbish

Social Media: Baylor Talcott

Head Copy Editor: Travis Politakis

Copy Editors: Briana DeTuro, Kennedy Haugen, Iovanna Borjas and Isabel Marhoun

Faculty Adviser: David Wheeler


CONTACT: Lindsey Marzo or Sydney Rhodes

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