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Welcome to The Minaret, University of Tampa’s student news source since 1933.

The Minaret is committed to actively covering pertinent issues and all aspects of student life. If you’re interested in contributing in any way, whether it be through writing, photography, multimedia, or graphic design, please contact, or our official e-mail:

Mission Statement

The mission of The Minaret, The University of Tampa’s student newspaper, is to promote accurate, thoroughly reported, high-quality, unbiased, and thought-provoking content. The Minaret aims to be recognized as The University of Tampa’s leading and most trusted news source. Members of The Minaret will strive to publish student-produced content, including but not limited to articles, photographs, graphics and artwork. Published work should center on matters that affect the lives of members of The University of Tampa community. The Minaret is committed to educating and establishing ethical and successful student journalists and encouraging professionalism in all facets of the newspaper process.

2017-18 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Katelyn Massarelli

Managing Editor: Mauricio Rich

Associate Editor: Andrew Foerch

Production Editor: John Feltman

News & Features: Aislinn Fallon & Alexandra Tirado

Arts & Entertainment: Ivy Velazquez & Jacob Trask

Opinion: Indira Moosai

Sports: Simon Brady

Multimedia: Alejandro Romero

Photography: Harsh Rokad

Head Copy Editor: Arden Igleheart

Copy Editors: Katie Stockdale, Kamakshi Dadwhal & Devon Conway

Adviser: David Wheeler



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