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Hi There. Welcome to The Minaret, University of Tampa’s student news source since 1933. We’re undergoing some construction on our website, so this is our home for the time being.

The Minaret is committed to actively covering pertinent issues and all aspects of student life. If you’re interested in contributing in any way, whether it be through writing, photography, multimedia, or graphic design, please contact either or, or our official e-mail:

2016-17 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Tess Sheets

Managing Editor: Bianca Lopez

Production Editor: Selene San Felice

News: Arden Igleheart & Liz MacLean

A&E: Ivy Velazquez & Kaitlyn Stockdale

Opinion: Carissa Economos & Kelly Smith

Sports: John Feltman & Candace Martino

Multimedia: Regina Gonzalez

Photography: Julia Albini & Christian Maldonado

Head Copy Editor: Rebecca Turner

Copy Editors: Kaitlyn Massarelli

Adviser: David Wheeler



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  1. Hello, we’re interested in advertising. Please let me know the publication schedule and rates!


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