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Yogis rock out at free class at Curtis Hixon


Bella Prana, a local yoga studio, is hosting a free event in Curtis Hixon Park called Rock Asana. Bella Prana’s fourth annual Rock Asana will be held on March 31 from 6-7:30 p.m. The event is free and welcomes people of all skills levels, but it’s asked that you bring your own yoga mat and water. Bella Prana holds hundreds of yoga classes each week from hot power flow to yin yoga, but Rock Asana is a unique way for people to test the waters of yoga and learn about Bella Prana.

The classic rock-themed yoga class will be taught by the owner, Roni Elissabeth Sloman.  During the yoga class, DJ Mensha will be spinning some rock tracks. Those who attend the event usually add some rock’n’roll flare to their yoga attire. Over the previous years, people have worn band t-shirts, bandanas, fake tattoos or hair dye. “Last year, we had over 750 people come out to rock’n’roll with us on and off the mat,” said Sloman. This year, Bella Prana is adding an extra edge to the event. Included DJ Mensha, there will be food trucks, wine tasting, local vendors and music after the event. It’s encouraged that you stay after and hangout with the Bella Prana crew.

“Last year, I customized a rock ’n’ roll t-shirt to wear to Rock Asana. It was fun to let loose and add a different flare to my yoga practice,” said sophomore business management major Maya Matouk.

Attendees who sign up through Conscious Coconut, a partner of Bella Prana, will be providing a meal to those in need through Feeding America. “Last year, over 700 tasty meals were provided to those in need, it just added to the greatness of Rock Asana,” Sloman said.

Yogis who attend Rock Asana believe it is a way to share love and excitement in the community. “Because the event is free, it’s perfect for anyone to come out and spend some time having fun on and off the mat,” Sloman said. Bella Prana offers a variety of different daily yoga classes for every type of person. Sloman encouraged those who enjoy her class at Rock Asana to drop by the studio and take part in a typical Bella Prana Yoga Class.

Matouk never thought she would like yoga. “Last year, my friends made me go to Rock Asana with them. I never did yoga before and thought I would not like it, but I loved the experience. Now, I have an unlimited membership to Bella Prana and am looking forward to this year’s Rock Asana,” Matouk said.

Bella Prana offers a $39/month unlimited membership for first time students. This membership allows people to check out a number of different class to see what is right for them. If you think an unlimited membership might be too much, Bella Prana offers a one class fee of $16, or you can buy class packages that range from $65 for 5 classes, $120 for 10 classes, and $220 for 20 classes. If you choose to buy the unlimited, Bella Prana offers discounts for the duration of the months you choose to purchase. The cheapest Bella Prana offers is $99 a month for a year of unlimited class.

“Bring your family and friends, because this year’s Rock Asana is going to be a fun filled night,” Sloman said. Sloman hopes everyone in the UT community comes out to rock’n’roll with the Bella Prana crew on and off the yoga mat.

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