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New Phone Shaped Gun Could Be Catastrophic

By Kate Sims

Ideal Conceal, a firearms company in Missouri, just released their new gun in the shape of a cell phone. Take a moment to let that set in… What a terrible idea! Before I delve into why, I’d like to acknowledge that there was a brief moment when I thought the idea might be a good one. I thought of incognito self-defense. As a woman, I can have a device to defend myself with that can be accessed as easily as a cell phone and a bit more powerful than mace. Seconds later, that same thought scared me. The thought of protecting myself dimmed in comparison to the harm this weapon would cause.

Guns already have terrible reputations because of the carelessness of their handlers. There were 14,675 unintentional shooting accidents in the year 2011, as reported by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. These unintentional accidents are anything from a misfire at a shooting range to a couple of teenagers who “didn’t know it was loaded.”

Let’s add to the confusion: a device that combines an everyday object and a powerful weapon. “It’s ideal defense for restaurant owners,” said Kirk Kjellberg, the head of the project to create the smartphone gun. “It’s for people who want to carry concealed weapons and not have to explain why they have one if someone were to ask.” I honestly have never had to ask nor been asked about why someone is carrying a gun. Plus, the idea of a concealed weapon is that no one sees it, so why would anyone ask? This discomfort that Kjellberg is trying to ease, doesn’t seem to be a valid concern. On first glance, it is wonderful to enable the defenseless with a tool their offender may mistake as a harmless phone. Or… It’s a perfect way for a criminals to harm unarmed citizens.

“Research by Wright and Rossi in the 1980’s found that criminals prefer guns that are easily concealed,” says a passage in the Bureau of Justice Statistics. This gun smartphone has two barrels, both of which can hold a .380 caliber bullet, and will be sold for an estimated $400, according to Bloomberg Technology.

Muggings and robberies aren’t the only bad situation that I can foresee with this item. First, can you imagine security issues, how do you explain having a phone shaped gun to TSA? And with that kind of intense alert, many flights might be missed due to misinterpreting a real phone for the camouflaged firearm. Imagine the chaos airports would become, or even how terrifying movie theaters would be.

This phone-shaped gun would only create problems. Furthermore, what if someone were to pick up one of these disguised weapons? Accidental injury or even death seems inevitable. Kjellberg stated that there were already 4,000 requests for the smartphone gun; that could be 4,000 purses where a teen or small child is looking for mom’s cell phone. Let’s face it, children are naïve and curious. Teens are complacent. And adults are not perfect. The smartphone gun has accident-prone written all over it.

It may have been for the benefit of “mainstream America, [and] not criminal enterprise,” but this item appears to be more of an enabler for natural selection with no real necessity. This isn’t the iPhone 8 or a sunglasses trend. Sorry Mr. Kjellberg, mainstream America is distracted enough. Keep this idea to yourself.

5 Comments on New Phone Shaped Gun Could Be Catastrophic

  1. Todd Schisler // April 14, 2016 at 11:13 pm //

    You should have kept this article to yourself.
    Oh, and your CDC numbers include people shot with airsofts and nail guns….


  2. About as catastrophic as an illegal alien being deported and then re enters the USA to murder a young woman in California!


  3. Barry Hirsh // April 14, 2016 at 4:49 pm //

    You are engaging in the same kind of “what if” speculation that opponents of campus carry tout. In their case, there ARE eight states that allow it without any of the dire predictions having come true, hence their is no evidence to support their position. All evidence is to the contrary.

    Add to this that opponents of the people’s right to go armed scream and holler about open carry, saying that everybody gets scared when they see someone with a gun, yet out of the other side of their mouths they make arguments against people “carrying hidden, loaded guns” in public.

    It’s easy to see opponents’ motivation – no guns at all, anywhere, no matter what they look like, and no matter how they’re carried.

    That dog won’t hunt. It’s an enumerated, constitutionally protected right, and this application of firearms technology is a brilliant idea.

    Whining about this innovative concept is much akin to arguing about the shape of the table at a conference.

    It’s counterproductive, picayune and juvenile.


  4. Typical anti-gun tactic. Throw numbers out there to scare people. e.g. 14k unintentional shootings in 2011. ewww…..that sounds like a lot.

    Thankfully, not all of those 14,000 shootings in a year ended in death. Only about 6k of those resulted in death. But if that still scares you – remember that is just a drop in the bucket compared to the 32,500 unintentional DEATHS by motor vehicle in that same year (not accidents…..actual deaths….5 times higher than unintentional shooting deaths)).

    Yet you are not fearful of cars? In fact – you most likely handle one of these on a daily basis. How reckless of you. To have such a cavalier attitude with a such a dangerous tool. And around children, even!

    As for somebody picking up one of these and hurting themselves – I would say the odds are so small they are negligible. First – this is not a common gun. 4,000 sales are less than 1% of 1% the gun sales in a year. And out of them – less than 1% of the owners are irresponsible enough to just leave it laying around in a purse unattended around teens and small children. Could it happen? Well – anything *COULD* happen. Is this going to show up as any sort of increase on the accidental shoot stats for a year? Definitely NOT.

    And finally – as for criminals using this in muggings and robberies – you are really reaching for excuses here. Criminals prefer guns with a little more capacity than just 2 shots. A 10 shot pistol conceals just as easily. Also – I think they would prefer a gun that looked a little more menacing. Holding up a convenience store with a cell phone is only slightly more scary than putting your finger in your coat pocket. Remember – the goal for a robber is to ROB, not murder. He’d rather you be afraid and hand over your money than laugh in his face.


  5. billy bob toad fucker // April 14, 2016 at 11:04 am //

    i’m buying 2


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