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The Grim Sleeper: 31 Years, a Handgun and a Slice of Pizza

By Emily Duren

On February 16, 2016, Lonnie David Franklin Jr. walked into a Los Angeles County courtroom to hear the opening statements in the case of the Grim Sleeper. Franklin Jr. wasnt entering the courtroom as the presiding judge, a witness, prosecutor, or grieving family member, though. The Grim Sleeper was what the state had dubbed the serial killer who terrorized South Los Angeles County from 1985-2007, but took what they called a 14 year sleep”–a period where he didn’t kill any victims–after one victim got away and was able to get a good look at him. Franklin Jr. currently finds himself on trial for the gruesome murders.

In the 1980s, after several black women in South Los Angeles, an area known for drug and gang violence, turned up dead, citizens formed the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders. They believed the murders had been committed by a single person, and they set out to prove it, trying to gather media attention and offering a reward. Eventually, in September of 1985, the LAPD agreed and named the killer the Southside Slayer.Evidence eventually proved this to be false, and four different men were arrested. However, in August of 1985, a serial killer, the Grim Sleeper, really had started terrorizing South Los Angeles. At this time the slayings were nicknamed the “strawberry murders.” Initially, due to an error with ballistics, and a stroke of terrible luck, Detective Ricky Ross was arrested. It would be several decades before another man was brought before the courts

His first eight victims were shot, most were left in alleys. Debra Jackson was found first, on August 10, 1985. Thomas Steele, suspected to be the Grim Sleeper’s only male victim, was found lying dead in the street.

Bernita Sparks was found on April 16, 1987, in a garbage bin underneath a pile of trash. She differed from the other victims in that she wasnt merely shot, but strangled and suffered blunt forced trauma. On November 18, 1988 was Enietra Margette Washington, the only victim to escape, but not before he shot her in the chest and raped her. Washington got a good look at her attacker, so police went on the hunt for the Grim Sleeper. For a whilea long while. 14 years to be exact. And then, on March 19, 2002, 14-year-old Princess Berthomieux, his youngest victim, was found strangled in an alley. And with his sick finale, the Grim Sleeper executed Janecia Peters. She was found by a homeless man on New Years Day 2007, shot in the back and stuffed into a garbage bag. The man who murdered these 11 people wouldnt be captured for three years after his final slaughter. Due to the amount of evidence, pre-trial discovery–the process where both the defense and prosecution can obtain information about the evidence and witnesses they’ll introduce over the course of the trial (this is supposed to keep a level playing field)–would take six more.

With the other cases I’ve wrote about for this column, I generally had an extensive amount of prior knowledge. But that wasn’t the case here. The first time I heard about the Grim Sleeper was last month when I was perusing Facebook and saw the words Grim Sleepertrending on the side. As I read what happened, I thought, What in the world? How have I never heard of this? But after a quick Google search, I had a picture of the man who murdered women, mostly, but not strictly, drug addicts and prostitutes, as a hobby. A man, who, by the end of my search, I had lumped in with the likes of Ted Bundy, Oscar Ray Bolin, and Richard Ramirez A.K.A. the L.A. Night Stalker.

Also unlike many of the other cases, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence against Franklin Jr., which, as I said previously, is why pre-trial discovery took six years. If you follow true crime (nonfiction events as opposed to Law & Order) at all, you know that this is pretty much unheard of. For comparison, from time of arrest to trial: Casey Anthony (Oct. 08-May 11), O.J. Simpson (June 94-Jan. 95), and Scott Peterson (April 03-June 04). Heres just a look into some of it:

Saliva had been found on the bodies of the victims, but police had never been able to find an exact match to a perpetrator. So they decided to search for a familial match. Meaning that if anyone in Franklin Jr.s family had committed a crime that warranted their DNA being swabbed and put into the database, it would come up as a partial match to the murder, and the LAPD would at least know which family had a killer secret. As it turns out, Franklin Jr.s son, Christopher, had been arrested on a felony weapons charge, and, as luck would have it, his DNA was in the system. So, detectives just had to figure out who the killer was now, and their ploy was literally like something out of Hollywood

So this LAPD detective goes undercover, pretending to work in a pizza place, waits for the guy hes trying to nab to leave a partially eaten slice of pizza behind so he can prove hes a serial killerand it works. No, this isnt a movie, this is really how they caught him. HOW AWESOME IS THIS?!

Okay, I know Ive focused a lot on science. And science isnt always king. And as we know, I love tangible evidence that you can rub in peoples faces. And sure enough, when Franklin Jr.s house was searched, what did they find? Tangible, face rubbing evidence. 1,000 photographs and hundreds of hours of video of women. Most were either naked or topless. Some were sleeping, unconscious, or believed to be dead. Some were smiling. The photographs were believed to be taken by Franklin Jr. himself, 20 to 30 years prior to his arrest. The LAPD eventually released 180 of the images to the public after failing to identify all of the women, to find them. But lets be realistic here, there was no reason to have those photos. Its not like they couldve been misconstrued as vacation photos or even as those of an old girlfriend. Passed out women always equals sinister. Oh, and one of those photos is of Enietra Washington, right after she was shot…

Then there’s Enietra Washington’s eyewitness testimony. I know theres some debate about how reliable eyewitness testimony is, because of memory loss and PTSD, especially when the eyewitness has been raped and shot in the chest, and the suspect doesnt get captured for decades, but I still strongly believe in the power of witnesses, especially in this case.. The description she gave police was that of a 30-ish smart, preppy, black man.” It also doesn’t hurt that Washington was able to identify the car she was attacked in: an orange Ford Pinto with white stripes. Investigators believe Franklin Jr. owned a Pinto at one time, though it was never found. But what really helped was the fact that Washington was able to identify Franklin Jr. in open court. And how she was able to do that… well, that’s just flat out bizarre. When Washington was attacked, she lost her purse, which had her ID. A year later, a man came up to her outside her house, asking if she knew him. Understandably confused, she asked if she was supposed to. He left, and it wasn’t until later that Washington recognized him as her attacker. In court, Washington was shown a photo taken of Franklin Jr. in 1989 and asked if she knew him. She said it was the person who shot her. When asked how sure she was, Washington answered, “One hundred percent.”

Do I think he did it? I wasnt even alive during the time the Grim Sleeper did the vast majority of his slaughtering, but I couldnt be any more sure of Franklin Jr.’s guilt had I seen him kill them with my own eyes. Had there not been any other evidence, there are three things that match him in every caseexcept in that of Thomas SteeleD, N and A. That alone is enough to convince me. No matter what case were talking about, and what kind of DNA were talking about, DNA doesnt lie. Blood doesnt lie. Saliva doesnt lie. Hair doesnt lie. Skin cells dont lie. Semen doesnt lie. Fingerprints dont lie. Unless there is reason to believe that he was framed and his DNA was placed at the crime scenelike I said, devils advocate, stranger things have happenedthe evidence doesnt lie. He was also later linked to at least six other homicides, but has never been formally charged.

Lets bring this full circleif not only for the DNA, I expect a guilty verdict for the sheer amount of evidence alone. You can explain some evidence away, but only so much. Lets build a hypothetical defense quickly. Lets just say hes accused of killing these 10 women, but they only have DNA linking him to one, and lets just say, instead of 1,000 photos there are 50, and theres no video. Well, nobody saw him with those other women, nobody can place him at the crime scene, there are no receipts or security cameras placing him near the crime scene, there wouldn’t have been any cell tower pings. Maybe he was with one of those women, but she was a hooker. He’d only paid her for sex, and she was alive when he left. And those pictures, well there were only a few dozen. Those are from his ex-girlfriends. He likes to dabble in photography, and keep them as, uhmemories. Do you see how easily you can explain things away? Boom, open and shut case. But when theres saliva linking you to several dead hookers, and photo and video, in your home, of women in compromising positions, who certainly look deadthats pretty much impossible to explain away. I will be absolutely beyond shocked, and so deeply disappointed, if the verdict is not guilty.

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