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Update: University of Tampa administration cancels Minaret newsroom eviction


The Minaret’s eviction has been cancelled.


“After consultation with students – including current Student Government president and the incoming Minaret editor-in-chief – I have chosen to change course in the matter of reallocation of the organizational space in Vaughn Center second floor. I have recommended that The Minaret remain in its current space while we refocus on addressing the pressing needs of Student Conduct,” said Dean Stephanie Russell Krebs, in an email sent to The Minaret advisor and incoming Editor-in-Chief.

This, however, is not the end of our conversations with administration about the need for more transparency between them and the students. The problem was only in small part about the move into a smaller office. There is a larger concern among the student body about how these decisions are formed and when the voice of students should come in to those conversations.

The Minaret staff stands by the principle that this organization must be a tool of the students to express their voices. When students are not heard, simple situations turn into larger complex issues very quickly.We are happy that the administration heard our concerns and hope that they will continue this trend.

The Minaret would also like to thank the flood of alumni, faculty, students and national organizations that came to our defense immediately. There are moments where we understand that journalists are often unappreciated and disliked, but it was touching to know how many people across the country were willing to share our story.

In the future, we hope that other student organizations will come to the staff of the Minaret when these issues occur. Student newspapers are a tool to inform students and seek truth.

Further updates to come.

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