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TalentedHuman Offers Artists New Platform

Students attend college to chase their dreams, create new innovations and further their careers. For Matthew Colletti and Jasem Meqar, seniors and young entrepreneurs, they made an idea that started as scribbles in a notebook come to life. Colletti and Meqar created TalentedHuman, a website dedicated to supporting all forms of content and self-expression, which went live March 31.

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Photo courtesy of Matthew Colleti
Colleti and Meqar have worked hard to create the blog-style, artistic platform of TalentedHuman.

“TalentedHuman is a free social media platform for the artistic, creative, unique, and talented individuals of the globe to regain their voice in social media,” Colletti said.

TalentedHuman shares similarities to sites like WordPress and other blog platforms. Users are allowed to post anything they would like such as blogs, photos and videos. Users are also able to provide feedback to one another. 

“A picture of a cup of to-go coffee with a post saying, ‘Yay I got my coffee this morning!’ should not be on the same feed as a cup of coffee in a ceramic mug, with an artistic design in the foam, denoting the skills of a talented barista,” Colletti said.

Colletti and Meqar created TalentedHuman in about seven months after dealing with obstacles such as  funding and finding a software development team. 

 “This is only possible because of the heavy expense to employ a full, professional software development team,” Colletti said. “They worked Monday through Friday for three to six hours a day, nonstop. This is at a cost of less than $150 an hour, and this is the only reason we were able to accomplish this large scale project on a relatively small time scale.”

Colletti and Meqar don’t want people to solely use their platform instead of others, but for them to become another form of social media that people utilize in their everyday life.

“This is only for the reason that nobody else has done this and given these amazing people from around the world a sophisticated platform to express and self-promote, for free,” Colletti said.

Colletti and Meqar dream of expanding TalentedHuman into a multi-billion dollar social media network. 

“We also wish to show the big companies that this market will not be monopolized, and may not demand money for talented people to self-promote,” Colletti said. 

With this large goal, Colletti also sees TalentedHuman being able to capture talents and events that occur around the world. 

Colletti even sees “our logo dominating every athletic, artistic, musical, and creative event around the world.”

Feedback from fellow students has been enthusiastic.

Vijay Sharma, a junior psychology major, said, “UT is filled with talented individuals, and I believe that the efforts of the two men on this project should encourage more UT students to go out there and do something special.” 

UT students who major in the arts, such as senior music major Danielle Sopchak, believe TalentedHuman will benefit them. 

“Now that I’ve been on the site, I’m interested to see how this can help me in my career,” Sopchak said. “I’m a musician and believe that this could be a useful outlet to showcase my music. I think TalentedHuman is different from any other popular site out there currently because the intent of this site is for users to inspire and create for each other; that’s what makes this unique.”

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