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SEAC To Host Earth Day Celebration

SEAC, the Student Environmental Action Coalition, will host an Earth Day Celebration on April 22, students can expect to craft, compete in trivia and load up on free club gear. 

The club’s main mission is to complete a recycling master plan, the most recent step was approved last semester and will put recycling bins in every trash room of Vaughn. 

“There will be a total of 12 recycling bins in the building. The way students can respond is to recycle, recycle, recycle. If the students living Vaughn use the Recycling on a daily basis and we see and increase in the amount of recycling that the school is producing, then we will start to implement the same program in the other dorms,” said Cristina Muyshondt, president of SEAC.

Muyshondt expressed recycling hasn’t been a part of our campus in the previous year. Since the issue was not addressed before, SEAC decided to create a proposal that would include not only the student body, but the university as well.

“Many freshmen [have been] recycling since high school, it comes as an instinct,” Muyshondt said. “They were shocked to come here and have no easy access to recycle.”

Last year, recycling bins were incorporated in each laundry room. Nevertheless, one bin isn’t enough for over 500 students living in the dorm. Three industrial size recycling bins can be found around campus, yet  its hard for students won’t to go to these out-of-the-way locations. 

Junior Maria Jose Cristiansen expressed her concern about how our community isn’t as green as it should be. 

“It is unbelievable to see how over the past three years that I’ve studied here, there hasn’t been any changes or upgrades with the recycling system on campus,” said Cristiansen.  

SEAC is dedicated its time in getting the recycling pilot program off the ground and over administrative hurdles. The group is currently in meetings working on the educational aspect of the project. The art department, facilities, advisors and area coordinators of Vaughn are all responsible for the success and development of the recycling pilot program. 

Admissions worker Katherine Di Geronimo was enthusiastic on the future of recycling on campus. 

“I think that not many people are aware on the proper way to recycle,” Di Geronimo said. “At my job we are very much open to the idea of having to recycle every time we have leftover boxes or papers.” 

SEAC is hopeful for the future changes that are in process for the University of Tampa and expect the support that is needed from the student body for doing so. If students would like to celebrate Earth Day and learn more about the program attend the event in Vaughn Courtyard next Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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