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Cusson Channels Reagan Ideologies

Evan Cusson, senior government and world affairs major, has spent his time at UT leaving a legacy that would inspire future student leaders. But Cusson is active in much more than leadership politics. Cusson is an avid boat enthusiast, fisherman and fan of Ronald Reagan. He hates nothing more than paying excessive taxation and Mondays, according to his friends.

Cusson transferred from the University of Connecticut to UT. While Cusson enjoyed UConn, the university made him miss similarities to his high school.

“I really missed the small classroom sizes, similar to my high school,” Cusson said. “It’s a little warmer in Tampa than in Connecticut. I looked at UT before I made my decision to go to UConn so I was familiar with it. ​It’s also a great time to to attend UT. Our school is growing at an impressive rate and it will be fun to watch it continue to grow in the coming years.”

Cusson is known for his active role in politics. Currently, he is the of Director of Communications in Student Government, where he helps optimize efficiency within the Student Government office and assists in development of transparency between SG and the student body. Cusson also serves as the Vice President of College Republicans.

He has a passion for UT, the United States and the opportunities that have been given to him, according to other student leaders like junior and criminology major Matthew Hartford. 

“Evan lives by the saying of ‘America, Jesus, Freedom,’” Hartford said. “He loves UT, America, and all the opportunities that living and learning here has provided him. Evan is a motivated leader who wants to make UT provide more opportunities to its students. He is a hard-worker, but many know him for his ability to accomplish much and still have time for his friends and family which are a priority to him.”

Cusson admires former republican president, Ronald Reagan’s leadership style and tries to embody it to be a better leader. 

“Reagan restored America’s self-confidence,” Cusson said. “Reagan always said America’s best days were ahead of her. Reagan’s leadership style is definitely something I strive [for]. Reagan was an undying optimist that always believed in America and our values. But Reagan’s confidence that came with conviction, optimism, humility and integrity are all what have shaped me into the leader I am today.” 

Torrie Winsett, senior and Vice President of Student Government, agrees that Cusson has been a large asset to SG.

“Without Evan many of the things that Student Government does wouldn’t happen,” Winsett said. “Student Government impacts the entire campus and the commitment and hard work he has given our organization is something we will be forever grateful for.”

Student Government puts on several events throughout the year and Cusson is the one who handles the logistics of each events. 

“Whether it is making sure people come, ordering the right materials, and making sure everything is done that needs to be,” Winsett said. “He is both mine and Kristin’s right hand man. He always does things that we ask.”

In addition to leadership being one of his many passions, Cusson is also enthusiastic about boating. He is a part of a boat business called Atlantic Outboard back home in Connecticut with his parents. Atlantic Outboard is is the largest Evinrude E-TEC dealer in North America, according to their website.

“I was born into the boat business,” Cusson said. “My parents own a boat dealership and marinas in Connecticut so I’ve been working in the industry for as long as I can remember. I’m passionate about boating because nothing is better than a day on the water.” 

Cusson is also well-known for his pranks that he pulls on his friends and occasionally in the SG office. 

“The first night I met Evan and actually hung out with him,” Winsett said, “a group of us went to dinner and our friend Michael decided to ditch us for other people so since Evan is the master at pranks we decided to get Michael back and prank him. I’m sure he wished he never ditched us.”

But what Cusson loves the most is spending his free time fishing, especially when he is home. He has won several tournaments. He recently won a tournament in Montauk, N.Y. 

“We won a tuna tournament out in Connecticut with a 257-pound big eye tuna a few years ago. It’s a great experience to win a tournament,” Cusson said. “[With] fishing tournaments, you’re competing against some of the greatest fishermen in your region. So it’s a awesome feeling you get when you get to weigh the fish and then take the lead. ”

After college, Cusson will return home and get back to the family business. 

“I love selling boats and working in the boating industry and I’m excited for what the future holds,” he said.

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