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Tech Time with Grandma: Carmen Garcia Ahead of Her Generation

Facebook is the most popular form of social networking today. Youth and older generations alike enjoy the many uses Facebook and other social media offer. 

According to the International Business Times, a recent study shows that three million teens have left social networks and over 16 million elders were added to social networks within the past three years.

Some newly released data from the Pew Research Center, shows that every six-in-ten older adults, are internet users. 

While the younger crowd may use Facebook as a way of networking with their friends, the older generations tend to use it slightly differently. In an effort to prove this, I spoke with my 55 year-old grandmother who has experienced the transition of technology. 

Hernandez: How do you feel technology has changed since your youth?

Garcia: My youth? You know you just called me old right?

Hernandez: You know what I mean …

Garcia: Well … technology obviously wasn’t advanced as it is now if that’s what you mean. When I was younger, cell phones were these big blocks with huge antennas you had to pull to get good service.

Hernandez: Did you have computers?

Garcia: Wow … I can’t even remember ever using a computer as a teen. Computers started taking over when Diana (her 28-year-old daughter) was in school.

Hernandez: How helpful do you feel computers are today?

Garcia: Computers make life easier. Instead of having to go all the way to the library, you can just google it. It’s sad because now-a-days kids don’t even know what libraries are. 

Hernandez: Do you feel that’s a good or bad thing?

Garcia: I mean the internet is what we use for everything. So in a way it’s not like they aren’t getting the information they need. But it’s sad that eventually they won’t even know what a book looks like.

Hernandez: So are you saying books will go extinct?

Garcia: No not at all, but instead of textbooks, I see kids using ipads. 

Hernandez: What else has the internet done that changes lives?

Garcia: Well now I have internet on my smartphone, so I can just sign on Facebook whenever.

Hernandez: How has Facebook changed your life?

Garcia: Facebook is the only way I know when there’s something interesting going on within the family. I would get on Facebook, be nosey, and then get off. I liked to see when my family and friends would go on vacation, what they’d post, and what they would comment on others’ things. It’s sad to say, but checking Facebook was the only way I would find out when my daughter was in the hospital because she’d take to Facebook before she’d call me

Hernandez: How long have you been on Facebook?

Garcia: Wow, I been on Facebook since 2009.

Hernandez: Can you see Facebook evolving?

Garcia: Oh yeah. At first I would use Facebook every day. But now I only spend about an hour a week.When you get something new you play with it for a while, but then you eventually get tired of it. My interest in Facebook is dying out, I just take a peek now. It’s going to die out like all the other social networks that died out before Facebook.

Hernandez: In terms of technology, how do you see its future?

Garcia: I see it advancing, duh. I feel like every day there’s new things coming out. It’s only going to get better.

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