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Students Elect New SG President and Vice President

Sarah Daniels and Matthew Hartford were studying at Daniel’s off-campus apartment and were trying to concentrate while waiting for the call that would reveal the results of the Student Government election. They called their families first after receiving the call but had to wait before sharing the good news with anyone in the UT community. 

“We unfortunately couldn’t go public until General Assembly two days later but were excited by the UT community’s reaction to the results and what we can do next year,” Hartford said. 

Daniels, a entrepreneurship major, and Hartford, a criminology major, have known each other through their involvements at UT for several years. However, they did not get the chance to work together directly until this year when Sarah was inducted into the Diplomat program that Matt was already a part of. The more they talked about what they wanted out of their senior year, the more sense it made that they run for Student Government together. 

“Matt and I seemed to be driven, motivated, and lighthearted. We have a very diverse group of friends and had a common passion for encouraging involvement at UT,” Daniels said. “This combination seemed like the perfect combination for a dynamic duo team.”

Daniels has known that she wanted to be a member of SG since her freshman year, when she met the then president of Student Government on an entrepreneurship trip to Chicago. He encouraged her to attend and participate in general assembly meetings.

“This particular President and his board were all so friendly, professional, and encouraging,” she said. “After seeing how they operate, I knew SG was something I wanted to be involved in and decided to run for a senate position.”  

After watching closely and learning from the current cabinet, they have narrowed down the characteristics they hope to carry into their term as leaders. 

“I think it is absolutely crucial that the entire team can be collaborative, responsible, open minded, and positive under pressure,” Daniels said. “I anticipate all of these characteristics to be present within our future cabinet members next year, just as they are clearly demonstrated among the current cabinet.”

The new dynamic duo of Student Government hopes to develop a strong relationship with faculty, major organizations and students at the start of next year. They also want to concentrate on promoting different events, performances, and sports games on campus so that students are better informed. 

“Our hope is to make UT a closer community between Student Government and the student body.  This will not be an easy task to reach every student, but it is Sarah and my goal to do so,” Hartford said. 

As the new president of Student Government, Daniels believes that observing Kristen Anderson this year has taught her a lot about how to handle the stresses of the job and the responsibilities of a student. 

“I give anything I join my all, and see this is an overall great way to leave a positive impact and give back to UT before I graduate. I hope that I can serve as of great as a leader as Kristin has been over the upcoming year,” she said. 

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