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Women’s Lacrosse Pushes Through Growing Pains

 The women’s lacrosse team has had a rough past couple of games, losing against Seton Hill and having a three game winning streak snapped by Queens University. 

They remain optimistic for the remainder of the season. Despite these minor setbacks, the team is looking forward and trying to better themselves in every way as they begin their approach into the most difficult part of their schedule. 

One of the major downfalls of the Spartans against Queens match-up was giving up fouls and turnovers, which proved to be very costly to the team in their 15-4 loss. Head coach Kelly Gallagher discusses her team’s performance against Queens. 

“We did give up a good number of fouls and turnovers, but I think it’s just being young and getting used to how the college game is and always having pressure on the mid-field, and it is definitely  something we’ve been working on all year,” Gallagher said.

Another area in which the team has been looking to improve is on its defense. “We are really working on just making sure we are forcing our attacker to make a decision and we’re telling them where to go,” said assistant head coach Kelly Ryan.

Although the team has a had rough start so far this season, they remain hopeful about the remainder of their season and hopeful about reaching their goal of making it to the first ever women’s Sunshine State Conference (SSC) Title. “We’ve had this goal of making it to the conference finals since day one and any team that we play is beatable,” said Ryan.

The members of the team are also sharing a similar positive outlook to their coaches and are looking to prove just how much heart and dedication this two year program has. 

“Other teams see us as a second year team, but we don’t really see ourselves that way. Every game we’ve played so far we’ve been in close competition,” said freshman attacker Christina Burroughs said.

The team also feels that other areas have improved since the season began, including its offense. “I think our attack unit works really well together and we’re really good at reading what we are going to do out there on the field”said  freshman attack Natalie Carraway.     

 Lastly, the team’s defense also has shown major signs of improvement and has started making progressive changes that will hopefully lead the Spartans to victory later on in the season. 

“Every time we step on the field we get better and better, we’re playing top ranked teams and we don’t want to see them as rivals we want to see them as equals,” said  freshman  midfielder Amanda Rom. 

Although the team is hopeful and has high expectations for the remainder of its season, the real challenges have yet to begin. The team will face its toughest opponents in April, including most of its conference games against schools such as, Saint Leo on April 1, Florida Tech on April 11, and Florida Southern on April 18. The Spartans need to win at least one of these games in order to become one step closer towards reaching their goal of making it to the SSC Final. 

Again, Coach Gallagher said “one of the team’s philosophies is if practice is hard it will make the games the easy and fun part”, so everyone on this team, coaches and players, have been working to make this dream become a reality.

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