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Intramural Athletes Prepare For Postseason Play

Editor’s Note: These predictions were made the Sunday before these games were played. The intramural playoffs conclude Friday, March 6.

After an exhausting, four week season, the intramural athletes of UT are gearing up for the postseason and all the t-shirt winning glory that comes with it. The teams have battled nagging injuries, devastating losses, and players not showing up due to “homework,” but none of that matters now. The slate is wiped clean and the remaining teams are out to prove themselves yet again.

The playoffs can be a daunting challenge, given that all of the teams that didn’t take the games seriously have been weeded out. Only the cream of the crop remains, so nothing can be taken lightly. With that said, let’s meet some of the teams competing in each of their respective sports.

Co-Rec Volleyball

Favorite: Block U Like a Hurricane (4-0)

The Co-Rec Volleyball championship is Block U Like a Hurricane’s to lose. Aside from a close 2-1 battle with rival I Can Dig It on Feb. 4, they won every other match in straight sets and finished as the lone undefeated team in the league. Additionally, they boast a whopping plus-54 point differential, meaning they didn’t just beat their opponents–they destroyed them. If all goes according to plan, they’ll likely engage in another close battle with I Can Dig It in the championship game. Don’t be surprised if you see Block U Like a Hurricane  triumphantly walking out of Cass Gym with championship t-shirts in hand.

Sleeper Team: Sigma Gamma (3-1)

Sigma Gamma had a very respectable season in the Co-Rec league this semester. They brushed off an early season loss and subsequently cruised to three straight victories. Perhaps the biggest reason to bet high on this team, however, is their position in the championship bracket. They come into the tournament as the 7th seed and have a favorable matchup against Kinky Sets (2-2) in the opening round. Should they win that game, they manage to avoid favorites Block U Like a Hurricane and I Can Dig It in the following round, thus allowing a deeper run into the tourney.

Men’s Basketball

Favorite: Balls Deep (4-0)

Balls Deep is looking to ball deep into the playoffs after annihilating every single one of their regular season opponents. The team is led by veteran senior Darius Thomas, who in his illustrious intramural career has posted a 71 percent win rate in games and has three intramural championships under his belt. Of note, though, he has never won an intramural basketball championship. Perhaps this is the year that Thomas and company take the gold. With a +106 point differential and a team abundant with basketball aficionados, this team has proven themselves a clear juggernaut. 

Close Behind: The Tune Squad (4-0)

Though not in the same dominating fashion as the aforementioned Balls Deep, The Tune Squad carved out an impressive undefeated season of their own. Behind sweet assists from junior Ryan Passmore (no pun intended), the sharpshooting of sophomore Mark Hite and the dominating paint defense of fellow sophomore Kevin Saxon, the team cruised to four straight victories and believe they have all the ingredients needed to excel in the playoffs.  

“I’m feeling pretty confident about our chances,” Saxon said. “I would say our biggest threat is The Repeat.” Just like the loveable Looney Tune bunch which they derive their name from, the “Squad” is seeking to prove doubters wrong and take down their undefeated counterparts in the postseason. 

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