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Ina Kaur: Mixes Media in Art, Classes

Newly tenured art professor Ina Kaur, in her fifth year at the University of Tampa, continues to make progress in her studio and fine art pursuits while also working to expand and improve the art department’s newer printmaking program.While Kaur’s specialty at UT is in the 2D and printmaking spheres, she is very invested in incorporating different media into her work. Some of her “hybrid medium” pieces use 2D and 3D elements, turning an otherwise flat image into a multilayered creation. This is especially true in her piece “Individual/Collective,” composed of a mixture of paper she made herself, magnets and thread to create a stack of intricate blending.


Professor Kaur teaches 2D and 3D classes and uses multiple mediums in her own artwork. Alexandria Martin/ The Minaret

“I am always interested in learning a new medium to incorporate in my work,” Kaur said. “Currently I am exploring handmade paper and ceramics works and am eagerly waiting to see how it will all come together in my next project.”

Kaur came to UT in 2010 after receiving her master of fine arts at Purdue University in 2003 and her bachelor’s from Punjab University in Chandigarh, India. The change in geographic and cultural environment heavily influenced Kaur’s art.

“The work investigates the synthesis between binary oppositions such as: East-West, local-global, ancient-modern, oriental-occidental, and how they coexist. It attempts to blur the boundaries between mediums and materials, and symbolically express my hybrid identity,” stated Kaur’s website.

At UT, Kaur teaches beginning and advanced drawing and printmaking as well as more specialized courses in lithography and etching. 

“Printmaking at UT has been developed from the ground up, including the lab setup, equipment, and new course developments,” Kaur said.

Dante Benvenuto, senior drawing and art therapy major, calls Kaur “respectable, honest and extremely hardworking.” Benvenuto works under Kaur as a student and studio assistant. 

“Ina goes beyond her duties as a teacher to help students,” Benvenuto said. “She pushes her students to the best of their abilities helping them strive for excellence.”

Kaur is set to contribute to a project entitled “Mondo Tondo” with 20 other artists from around the country, according to her website. The project will be composed of impressions and prints all contained within a circular film canister.

With all she’s involved with at UT and beyond, Ina Kaur is excited to be a part of the university family. 

“It has been an honor to be a part of UT community and a rewarding experience to have such great colleagues and students,” Kaur said.

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