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Women’s Golf Starts 2015 Season Off Strong

308 is the women’s golf magic number this season after setting a goal to break their previous record of 313.

UT shot the magic number in the second round at the World Golf Invitational but a higher bar is already being set. They look to try to break that record in one of their upcoming events. 

The event hosted by Flagler College in St. Augustine was played at Slammer & Squire Golf Course. It was a great outing for the Spartans as they finished in tenth place out of 17 teams. 

In the opening round, the Spartans shot 322 and the ladies finished the event with a total of 630 strokes after the two rounds of play.

The Spartans were led by junior Fatin Amin, who shot 152 during the event and finished in twenty-fourth place overall. 

Sophomores Alyssa Morahan and Grace Schian each shot 159. Freshmen Jess Wild and Hanna Grevelius shot 161 and 167, respectively.

Coach Missey Jones knows that her team deserves to celebrate. “It’s fantastic. These girls are really working hard. They’re united like a family,” Jones said. “They challenge each other in practice. I’m so happy for them. Their hard work is paying off.”

Amin is also proud of her team’s achievement, but knows that they need to keep improving. 

“With a great start to the season, the team is confident to keep pushing for a better score and of course trying to beat our 308. We’re getting better each day and I think with that low round it definitely built confidence in the girls,” Amin said.

The Spartans then traveled to Lakeland for the Florida Southern Invitational Feb. 16-17. Unfortunately, the weather conditions were not ideal and the Spartan golfers struggled to cope with the windy conditions.

UT placed sixteenth overall out of 17 teams. In an invitational that consisted of three rounds, the Spartans scored 324, 333, and 342 for a total score of 999. 

Grevelius led the Spartans with a total score of 248, finishing sixty-ninth overall. Wild carded 253, Schian 255, Amin 257 and Morahan 258. Sophomore Holly Cannon finished with 262.

Although it has been tough for the Spartans to keep up with their counterparts from other SSC schools, they have come a long way over the past few years. In just four full seasons since the program began, they have made immense progress despite all the obstacles they have faced and continue to cope with. 

Jones described that in addition to there not being any scholarships for golfers at UT, the girls also miss a lot of class, often competing during school days. Despite absences and having to wake up at the crack of dawn for long practices, the girls have a very strong bond as a team. 

Jones also noted that the girls are very high academic achievers, with several girls having a 4.0 GPA last semester while traveling and golfing at different competitions.

Amin, Jones and the rest of the Spartans will look to continue to improve through the remainder of the season. 

Their next event is the Rollins Invitational in Winter Springs which will take place March 2-3. 

They will then travel to Dunnellon for the Morehead State Invitational March 22-24, before heading to Sorrento for the Sunshine State Conference Championships April 12-14.

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