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Women’s Golf Goes Into Spring With High Expectations

After a lengthy and restful winter break, the women’s golf team is ready for the 2015 spring season. The Spartans will begin their season this weekend in St. Augustine at the World Golf Hall of Fame.                  

The Spartans have been working very hard to prepare for their upcoming events. Junior Fatin Amin was one of the top performers during the fall season. 

“During preseason we had scheduled practice time with the team. We worked on a lot of mechanics and course management, meaning we would practice different kinds of shots to prepare for tournaments,” Amin said. 

Practices and workouts are no joke for these women, as they begin as early as 6:30 a.m. Head Coach Missey Jones is well aware of how hard her team works. 

She said that she noticed big improvements in the players who came and worked on their swings. They were also working on training and conditioning and had to pass a fitness test. “They came back [from break] in good shape,” Jones said.

Jones also mentioned although they technically only have 6:30 starts three times a week, many of the girls opt to work out that early five days a week for extra training and conditioning.

Though the Spartans have worked hard and have prepared well for their next events, there is still plenty of room for improvement. “Technically, our greens in regulation have to improve,” Jones said. 

Amin noted that with a young team comes some golfers who need more experience. She herself has proved that experience is very valuable, as she has improved her average every season throughout her college career. 

“We have a very young team and I think the level difference between junior golf and college golf is completely different. So I think we just need more experience in tournaments in order to play better and get used to the conditions of playing college golf,” Amin said.

It’s these necessary improvements that if made, can definitely help the Spartans achieve their goals. “I’d like to see top five break 80 at a tournament. Everybody on the same day. All five,” said Jones when asked about her expectations for the upcoming season. She then added that she’s had many girls break 80, but not all of them at the same time and that she’d like to see that happen for a change.

Amin also has set her sights high for the season. “To maintain being in the mid and high 70s. It’s a lot of work but I think it’s possible to set that goal if I work hard enough this semester,” Amin said. Seventy six has been the best round of her collegiate career up to this point, so she has definitely shown that she is capable of achieving this particular goal.

She also has expectations for her teammates. “We definitely want to break our lowest score of 313 as a team at a tournament. I believe that the girls can do it. They are hardworking and dedicated,” Amin said. That score of 313 was achieved in October in the second round of the Guy Harvey invitational, and was the best round the Spartans had in years.

Unfortunately, the Spartans will be left without a few golfers who competed during the fall. Most notably, freshman standout Cailee Beisswanger, who was the top performer on the team this past fall, unfortunately had a career-ending injury. Jones described her as “a very hard worker.”

The Spartans still have a solid squad this year and Jones has already been recruiting for the future, knowing that some of her golfers might graduate early. She has been particularly focusing on the 2016 incoming class, as she still has a young team for now with most of the women being freshmen and sophomores. 

Jones takes a lot of pride in her team and their work ethic. “It’s easy to work with good kids. They take care of each other and look after each other. They’re there for each other, it’s a good family,” Jones said.

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