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Underground Sound: Connor Zwetsch

Connor Zwetsch’s musical journey began when she was a high school freshman with a guitar under the Christmas tree. She started writing music when she was sixteen after she taught herself to play guitar and sing. This resulted in a plethora of embarrassing songs that have since been wiped from existence, and she eventually she picked up some inspiration from 90’s pop/rock artists like New Radicals, Matchbox Twenty, and Alanis Morissette. Zwetsch has taken her journey and inspirations and transformed them into her first EP, What Comes After, which was just released on Jan. 27.

Twenty-two year old Zwetsch writes about experiences and emotions that most anyone can relate to, like struggling with depression and moving on from heartbreak.

Connor Zwetsch

Tampa native singer-songwriter Connor Zwetsch’s debut EP was released on Jan. 27 and is now available for free at

“I like to write about human relationships and memorable moments,” Zwetsch said, “but I think the core of all my songs definitely starts from a general feeling.”

For Zwetsch, recording her first EP was no easy task. The making of What Comes After  involved driving across the country to record at Bear Creek Studios, where she worked with Ryan Hadlock, who is known for producing The Lumineers self-titled debut, currently one of Zwetsch’s favorite albums.

“I sent him over a playlist of bedroom demos consisting of about 25-30 songs and he narrowed it down to five,” Zwetsch said. “His thought process was to take five songs that bring something totally different to the table.”

The entire EP was recorded in just six short days, spending one day on each song. Zwetsch said the whole process was very rushed, but the intent never to create something that would become wildly popular.

“The idea behind the EP wasn’t exactly to create something special with hopes that it would spread and catch on. We were all on the same page with wanting to make something that would allow people to hear the potential in my music and to possibly open up bigger and better doors for me in the future,” Zwetsch said.

With songs about whiskey in mason jars, bridges burned, and trying to find the laughter you lost, every line of the tracks in What Comes After makes the listener feel understood. All five handpicked songs have a genuine and honest feel that make you want to “roll your windows down, and sing the whole way home” as Zwetsch instructs in her song “Open Road.”

With the EP finally released, Zwetsch is both excited and relieved. The behind the scenes work of creating an EP, planning an album release party and self-promoting took Zwetsch’s energy away from writing and creating new material.

“I’m excited to see how all of the hard work that was put into the EP will pay off and most definitely excited to get back to focusing on writing,” she said.

Zwetsch is hoping that this album will not only gain her new listeners and fans, but will also introduce her to someone who will help her record a full-length album.

Now that the EP is out and available as a free download on, Zwetsch is going to continue to pursue her dream of making a career and a life out of playing her original music. Zwetsch can be found playing acoustic cover gigs in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater five days a week. As for her immediate plans, Zwetsch is going to keep taking it one day at a time, growing as an artist, and happily waiting for what comes after.

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