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Junior Anthony Quattrochi Dies After Found Unresponsive in Residence Hall

A UT student died Wednesday evening at Tampa General Hospital. Anthony Quattrochi was found unconscious in his Brevard Hall room, and medical personnel were unable to revive him according to a global email sent by Dean Stephanie Krebs.

Quattrochi was a junior psychology major and resident on the seventh floor of Brevard. He was also a financial specialist for the Office of Admissions, an honors student and a member of four honors societies.

Tampa General Hospital said they could not release any information about the incident. A Tampa Police Department employee who answered the after-hours line said they were unaware of the incident and had no comment. Campus safety also had no information to report.

The faculty advisor for Respondez!, the UT Honors Program publication in which Quattrochi served on the editorial board, emailed his condolences to the staff Wednesday evening.

“Tony was a fine young man and one of our valued Honors students,” said Dr. Gary Luter. “We all mourn his loss.  I had Tony in class last semester and I will always remember him for his intelligence, open-mindedness and kindness.”

Luter said Quattrochi was also awarded an Honors Undergraduate Research Fellowship for this year, presented this semester in an Honors symposium on the topic of censorship of art and was scheduled to present at the Florida Collegiate Honors Council conference in Miami in February.

Sophomore and accounting major Brian Boultenhouse has been Quattrochi’s roommate for the last year and a half.

“I don’t know what to really say. He was literally the best person for any situation. I can’t tell you the countless amount of people who came in and out of the room just to hear him speak,” Boultenhouse said. “He was the opposite of selfish as he would just take in everyone and give them the solutions or just listen. If you needed someone to laugh with, hang with, spend time with, he was the guy. Everyday was an adventure as his quirky spirit with his utmost maturity mixed well to create an amazing being. There’s nothing bad I could say, he was just Tony.”

Dean Krebs is holding a meeting for students who would like to help plan a memorial service Friday at 2 p.m. at a TBA location.

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Reporting by Lauren Richey, Mia Glatter, Selene San Felice, Phil Novotny and Zoe Fowler.

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