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Women’s Golf Team Freshmen Show Promise For Spring

The women’s golf team still has the spring season to look forward to and prepare for. The Spartans had a strong fall, and many of the golfers on this young team showed what great potential they have.

Since there is only one senior and two juniors on the roster, the younger golfers have to step it up.  This includes freshman Cailee Beisswanger, who shot the best scores on the team for three of the four outings that they competed in. 

Though it is only her first semester here at UT, Beisswanger believes that overall the fall season went well. “Transitions from any school are difficult, but overall, I think I made the adjustments well,” said Beisswanger. 

Besides Beisswanger’s impressive start to her collegiate golf career, the Spartans also recorded their best score ever during their recent fall campaign.  

The Spartans shot a combined score of 313 on Oct. 7 at the Guy Harvey Invitational in Palm Beach Gardens. Head coach Missey Jones knows that her team’s constant hard work and dedication is what led to this result. “These kids are working really hard. It’s so fun to see and get the results from it. They’re a special group of girls,” said Jones. 

 Jones also noted that the majority of the golfers who contributed to this score were freshmen, which evidently shows the possibility of getting even better scores in the future. 

She said that her team’s goals include to break 313 more than once, and also to ultimately break 300.

The ladies also performed well at the Flagler Fall Slam in St.Augustine on Oct. 27-28. They finished in 11th place out of 15 teams. Their combined team score was 340 in the first round, and 319 in the second round for a combined score of 659.

Junior Fatin Amin shot a team best round of 76 for the Spartans. 

Beisswanger also knows that although she and her team had some strong showings during the fall, there is still plenty of room for improvement during the spring. 

“Golf is all about improvement. As a team, I think we will grow with more practice and experience. Each event is a learning experience and something should be taken away from it,” she said.

A major part of the improvement that Beisswanger suggests is putting. “Greens in regulation are the stats we’re working on, our play on fast greens. We do a lot of putting drills,” according to Coach Jones, who also added that those shots can be very difficult as there is more pressure to make them.

For Beisswanger, there are also some individual goals that she will aim for. “I personally want to play in two US Open Qualifiers and improve my scores from last season,” said Beisswanger.While the team may be in their off-season at the moment, that doesn’t mean they aren’t training hard. Jones is technically not allowed to hold team practices during the off-season, but the girls can and do still train upon request. It is important for them to stay on their game during the off-season period. 

“They have plenty of things to do over three months while they’re gone,” said Jones, referring to how the girls are still training hard during the off-season. She added that they typically wake up at 6:30 A.M. to begin training, and they all have to pass a fitness test in January.

Beisswanger and the Spartans are keen on improving their short game. They are practicing hard and focusing on bringing what they learn out onto the course when they play. 

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