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‘Disc-iples’ Strive To Capture Ultimate Frisbee Title

The stage was set. The Disc-iples were a game away from clinching a spot in the 2013 Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Intramural Championship. 

The only thing standing in their way? Senior Keir Magoulas’ feisty Banditos squad, a talented crop of frisbee aficionados who had beaten them just two weeks prior in the regular season.

The Disc-iples, captained by then-junior Zach Colegrove, battled down to the wire and forced the game against the Banditos into overtime. 

Despite their valiant effort, however, they conceded the playoff game in the final seconds, losing 10-9 to finish off their season.

For Colegrove and his compatriots, this only furthered their collective desire to come back stronger this year. Arguably, their biggest advantage is their wealth of experience on the field. 

Aside from Colegrove, the team features two seniors that have been Disc-iples from the very beginning: James Beckett and Micah Reum. The squad also has one non-student, Intervarsity Leader Joshua Haupt, a 29 year old that can run laps around spry young college kids. 

When asked about the conception of the team name “Disc-iples” senior leader Colegrove remarked that it combined a creative frisbee pun with a Biblical reference.

“I was just looking for catchy names. We’re a group of Christian guys, so we figured since the word ‘Disciples’ has the word ‘disc’ in it we could just call ourselves Disc-iples,” he said.

Since 2012, Colegrove, Haupt, Beckett and Reum have made up the core of the team and possess an already established chemistry that some of their other competitors may lack due to their experience. 

Colegrove commented on how the team has come a long way since their inaugural season in 2012. 

“It’s been a team effort,” said Colegrove. “We’ve grown bigger, gotten more athletic. We know each other’s playing styles, and now we can all throw different [types of frisbee throws].”

Senior James Beckett agreed with Colegrove’s sentiments and praised the diversity of the players on the team. 

“Everyone seems to be fast and on their feet, and that’s what we need. Some people are throwers, some people are catchers. We have a decent blend,” said Beckett.

Though the team strives to play as one cohesive unit, Colegrove praised fellow senior Reum for his defensive presence on the field during games. Reum essentially plays “safety” and ensures that deeply thrown passes don’t even have a chance of being touchdowns for the opposition. 

“Last game he played safety the first half, made an amazing catch in the second half and kept us in the game,” Colegrove said. 

As far as this season goes, the Disc-iples are just happy to be back on the field again. The team sits at 1-1 going into a fiercely competitive rematch against the champion Banditos this week, a contest they’d like to ensure ends a win.

“They’re always tough, we come close every time. We haven’t been able to top ‘em, but I think this is our year. It’s time for their reign to end,” Colegrove said. 

The two veteran teams square off this upcoming Monday, the 10th, at 10:00 PM at the brand new Naimoli Athletic Complex. This is a game that’s sure to be rife with plenty of excitement and points.

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