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Amendment 2 Not Passed, Students React


The amendment that would have brought medical marijuana to Florida was ousted by voters Tuesday. The amendment needed 60 percent of votes to pass and fell short by 2.5 percent. 

 “I actually am really surprised! I definitely thought it would pass. I personally don’t choose to use it for recreation so I can’t say much for the product but I’ve read so much about the benefits it has for people with chronic illnesses. It’s a shame really.”

-Senior, Majda Ettore

“I don’t smoke so it does not affect me or my life. However, I don’t think weed should be legalized because it causes the mind to go crazy and can get you into other more serious drugs.” 

Sophomore, Anthony Nicolo

“I think someone tampered with the votes.”

-Sophomore, Nina Quigley

“Well I don’t smoke but I think that’s dumb. I’m prob not the best to quote but I do believe in medical marijuana.”

-Senior, Alli DiGiacomo

Although I don’t use Marijuana it makes no sense to me that it wouldn’t be passed. For medicinal purposes anyway. If there is proof it can help people than why not pass it?

-Freshman, Aaron Schoenfeld


I’m not too surprised that it didn’t pass. I feel as the years go by the voting population will get closer and closer to passing it. The outcome may just be due to voter demographics; when our generation as a whole starts participating in elections more, I think it will be passed.

-Senior, Micah Thomas



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