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Alumnus Creates Unique Event Venture

Entrepreneurs don’t follow trends and expectations; they follow themselves. This is true in the case of Matthew Rutkovitz, a recent University of Tampa graduate and president of his own start-up company, Outeraction.

Rutkovitz, 23, was born and raised outside of Baltimore and came to Tampa to pursue a degree in entrepreneurship. After a successful four years at UT, including a year as the Student Government President, Rutkovitz took a job in sales. He quickly realized his career path was not for him. 

“I was so sick of following the numbers,” Rutkovitz said. “I didn’t feel I was contributing.” 

Rutkovitz quit his job in April of this year and opened shop for Outeraction in June of this year. Outeraction plans events that target professionals ages 21-34. The company’s mission, according to Rutkovitz, is to help young adults “have an awesome time that is out of the box and meet new people.” 

The inspiration for Outeraction came while Rutkovitz was in his sales job. He realized he wasn’t the only one unhappy at work. There was nothing he could do to improve his co-workers’ working lives, so he started creating events to fill the hours outside of work. From that, Outeraction was born. All of Outeraction’s events cater to fewer than 30 people at a time, never cost more than $30 and never last more than three hours. 

“The point is to keep it simple,” Rutkovitz said. The plan targets those who“crave consistency and simplicity.” 

Some of the events that Outeraction has hosted so far have been laser-tag, canoeing  trips, paddleboarding, brewery tours and scavenger hunts. Each event has attracted 15 to 25 participants. Rutkovitz’s goal is to “create more of a friend setting than an event setting.” 

“I had a great time,” said recent UT graduate Katie Reisman. “Matt is a friend of mine, and I think it is good to support local businesses.”

Matt is not alone in his new business. A friend of Rutkovitz’s, Jacob Filloramo, helps with some event planning,and UT student Jessica Simon runs the start-up’s social media and graphic design. 

On top of event planning, Rutkovitz has been running a successful video blog to promote Outeraction and generate additional revenue. He currently runs two recurring segments. The Millennial Moment is a rundown of five events that happened overnight, and the 2 Minute Talk Show features local guests. 

Rutkovitz’s goals include reaching 1,000 views on his video blog and, eventually, expand Outeraction to other Florida cities. 

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