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Torrie Winsett New SG Vice President

Editors of The Minaret would like to apologize for an error last week that replaced the article about Torrie Winsett’s new position as SG Vice President with the text from another story. We wish Torrie and SG the best of luck in their endeavors this year. 


Torrie Winsett expressed her excitement of filling the position of VP and is ready to make some changes. Casey Budd/The Minaret

With Jacqueline French stepping down, Torrie Winsett stepped up for the transition into being the new Vice President of Student Government. Winsett, senior and communication major, officially became the Vice President of Student Government on Sept. 26 at midnight.

Former VP Jacqueline French stepped down due to her decision to graduate early. Winsett has held many leadership roles on campus through athletic marketing and has been an active participant in student government. She feels that she will bring a new perspective to Student Government and help benefit the UTampa community.

“The transition into the office has been great. Kristin and the previous Vice President have taught me everything I need to know. Everyone on the executive team has been very helpful with making sure I understand everything,” said Winsett about transitioning in as the new Student Government Vice President.

Michael Magnotto, senior and Student Government Treasurer, thinks that Winsett shows great promise and will create better connections with the students and their governing body.

“I was initially hesitant when approached with the whole situation. Given this is uncharted waters for SG, I wanted to make the transition of VPs seamless,” Magnotto said. “I have known about Torrie’s involvement on campus and was excited to see what she could do as VP. Only a week in, she had exceeded my expectations. Her outgoing personality allowed for a fun transition of VPs and her work ethic backs it up ten fold.”

Winsett was the original running mate with Kristin Anderson, our current Student Government President and has plans for what she wants to change at UT.

“I know one thing Kristin and I have discussed is the school spirit is lacking,” Winsett said. “We have been trying to think of ways to bring the different student organizations together and one thing we have been doing is working with the Athletic Marketing president, Haylee Yeatman to promote the games.”

Anderson has big plans for the future of the university and getting the student body more involved as the years continue.

“I am very excited about the future of SG, we are both planning on creating an accountability report this year and a strategic plan for the next five years to maintain a solid track of improvement for SG,” Anderson said. “Torrie is wonderful and working with her has been nothing short of a blessing. I have high hopes for the rest of the year and though my time with Jackie was short, we set a strong foundation for the organization and our officer expectations for this year.”

Although we are six weeks into the school year, Winsett does not feel like she’s out of place or unprepared. She is ready to make a change and help improve the view students have on our governing body as well as improving students’ experience at UT.

“I found it better that I take my leadership skills internally and assume the role of VP of Student Government. I wish to improve the way students look at Student Government, the only organization that is directly responsible for student involvement,” Winsett said. “Taking all of my leadership skills and combining them with work experience I have within the school, I am looking forward to being Vice President this year.”

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